The first edition of “Sinkha episode zero” got awesome reviews from both critics and audiences. In addition to the CD version, it appeared in the USA inside the renowned magazine “HEAVY METAL”. Later it it was published in Japan, as well as in many European countries.

At a certain point there was the concrete possibility to turn “Sinkha” in a film. The proposal came directly from Hollywood and seemed an engaging fairy tale...
Marco was asked to write a “film feature treatment” with a few variations compared with the original subject. The new draft was approved, but then, unfortunately, the project stopped because of budget troubles. It was 1998 and making a film based exclusively on special effects required really a lot of money.
Today the prospect would be surely different...

The “film feature treatment” is now available in the same original version as it appeared on the first time, if you wish to read it just out of curiosity.

The script hasn’t lost its value. If there would be a producer among the readers interested in turning “Sinkha” in a movie, film rights are still available...

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